5 Things You Need For the BEST Worst Party Ever

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Because a good time is worth the agony.

1) BeanBoozled Jelly Beans from Jelly Belly

Is there anything better than watching your friends and/or family suffer through your carefully devised prank of a party game? BeanBoozled jelly beans are lookalike flavours of some of Jelly Belly’s most popular flavours (Lime, Buttered Popcorn, Peach) paired with some of the worst flavours imaginable (Lawn Clippings, Rotten Egg, Barf). There’s only one way to tell which flavour you hold in your hand: Eat it! Challenge guests to a game and you’ll make memories that last a lifetime. And if you record it, you’ll make a YouTube video to last a lifetime too.

2) A point system

There’s no sense in playing BeanBoozled if you’re not going to crown a winner because – let’s face it – after enduring several rounds of tastings with friends, someone had better "win" something. Play for the last bottle of water, the last blue jelly bean (Berry Blue or Toothpaste? A winner either way!), or play for bragging rights. Whatever the "prize," you’ll probably need the motivation to go on after that Stinky Socks bean.

3) Water

Unless you’re the luckiest person in the world and draw only delicious Jelly Belly jelly bean flavours in this game, you’re going to want to vanquish flavours like Canned Dog Food and Booger from your taste buds. A palate cleanser like water is your friend.

4) A garbage can

During the BeanBoozled Challenge, you may find yourself thrown into a mild panic and silently (or audibly) screaming, "Nope!" That’s the time to employ a garbage can, AKA the "I Can’t Handle It" bucket. There’s no shame in spitting out BeanBoozled flavours if you must.

5) Nerves of steel

If you’re going to challenge your friends and family to BeanBoozled, you need to be willing to put your jelly bean where your mouth is. With a little bravery comes great reward. Sure you’ll probably have to eat Spoiled Milk or Moldy Cheese, but you’ll have some laughs in the process.

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